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Social and economic conditions are very strong influences, but so is the desire for love. If I remain in my current statistical category, a single black woman, it will be because I missed someone while gazing at the ancient obelisks of Egypt's Karnak Teme, partying with expats in Hong Kong or simy spending time with family and friends in America. The perfect life. The perfect an. It was one I decided to model. My irations for both a career and family were set at the age of 12.

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What is, essay, format? Essay format is the way your essay is structured and organized. Structure and organization here mean two things: - The way your text is physically organized (spacing, paragraphs, indentation, titles etc) and - Order and sequence of ideas within the text (introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion or, format of your thoughts, to put it differently, there are several major formatting styles, and each of them can influence the shape and formatting of your essay. For exame, while Amanda is speaking, the script says that a projected image of Amanda as a young girl appears. These photographic images and projected text emphasize the symbolic elements of the ay as well as the theme of memory; in the case of Amanda's image, we are given memory within memory, a memory framed by the larger memory of the ay itself.

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