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20 The Angevin monarchs continued the tradition of individual armament. The Assize of Arms of 1181 strengthened the prie that every able bodied freeman was required to provide weapons according to the worth of his chattels and to serve the king at his own expense when summoned by the sheriff of his (p.564)county. 420 50 And 194 50 App 42 50 A os 48 50 B 74 50 B. 489 50 best 519 50 Bands 557 50 Below 45 quot; 50 Besten. 139 5O 59 5O 42.

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One school, which may be considered the "individual rights" approach, holds that the Second Amendment recognizes a right protecting individual citizens in the peaceful ownership of private firearms for their private purposes. Subsequently, he worked as photo technician for a mercial firm. He joined the Sierra Club in 1919 and worked as a caretaker in their headquarters in Yosemite Valley.

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