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Its not what happens to us in our lives that makes us into writers; its what we make out of what happens to us. Its our disttive point of view. Most luxury brands are very expensive and the consumer most pays for name recognition and not product quality. Most teenagers have illusions that luxury brands are made with high quality or the best materials, high reliability and are a symbol of wealth they also feel that this will or change their self-image, therefore, part of the teenagers love of luxury brand products.

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The truth is that in most parts of life, there are more losers than winners. While one team wins a championship, dozens do not. So there is a large, empathetic audience out there who will understand and identify with a narrative about losing. But the attr of agitation prevails more than the joint powers of reflection and experience. He goes on to mention the strange delight the Roman peoe had in the entertainments of the amphitheatre; criminals exposed to be torn to pieces by wild beasts, and gladiators in troops hired to butcher one another.

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