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'Gators can grow to be 13 feet long and deliver an extremely powerful bite, with over 2,000 pounds of pressure per h. Both species are stealth hunters, and can burst from the water at surprising speeds to uck large prey from the shoreline. Unlike bears, wolves and coyotes, mountain lions prefer fresh meat and don't typically feed on carrion, other than what they kill themselves. Like all cats, they hunt by stealth and are irresistibly attracted to s of weakness in potential prey.

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Many species of gulls, known for their brash behavior when it es to scoring a meal, would also gladly feed off slow-moving zombies in coastal areas. These birds usually require other animals to break through or break down the tough skin and hide of their carrion meals. You have been asked to help your classmates make decisions about meals they would like ed to the cafeteria menu choices. As a nutrition expert, remend choices for athletes.

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