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The great English legal scholar, William Blackstone, attributed the development to Alfred the Great, asserting: "It seems universally agreed by all historians, that King Alfred first settled a national militia in this kingdom, and by his prudent disciine made all the subjects of his dominion soldiers." 12, recent historical research has suggested that this is an understatement. In Chapter 5, for exame, a portrait of a young woman on the wall of a house in Pompeii and the acpanying essay provide a glimpse into the life of well-to-do young women in the Roman Empire (p.

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Who are they? What are they known for? What particular sorts of qualifications and expertise do they bring to the subject? How might the work you are reviewing fit into a wider research or career trajectory? I find it redibly difficult to say a three-word phrase. When it es to assisting others, I have no problem lending a helping hand, but I cannot tell anyone that I need help.

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