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The Earnshaws are wild and passionate, the Lintons tame and civilized; therefore, young, catherine Linton s a milder disposition than her mother, Catherine Earnshaw. Linton Heathcliff bees a mixture of the worst of both his parents. Hindley then takes revenge on Heathcliff for taking his ace at the mansion and for denying him an education. Whether you focus on how revenge motivates Heathcliff as a character or on revenge as an overarching theme, this will give you the opportunity to analyze the self-centered intricacies of character inters in the novel.

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Last year's Orientation Service Project was a huge success. Given the recent economic situation, these schools still need your help. The Orientation Service Project is a collaboration between the University of Georgia Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the Clarke County School District. In ition, you should have an appreciation for what constitutes "good" research so that you can constructively critique and make use of research done by others. Busadm 3002 Multivariate Analysis in Behavioral Research, this course is intended for students engaging in business research.

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